There is an art to finding the right people, at the right time, for the right role.

At Strategy Matters, we take the time to understand both the hiring leader, and the organisation – what is the culture; what qualities are needed now, and will they evolve in the next 5 years; what are the non-negotiables, and; what is in it for the employee. Yes, we are selling your organisation to people and we want to know what you will provide in return. Recruitment is a unique partnership that begins far before the first day of employment, and we make sure that partnership gets underway with a rolling start.

Our guarantee:

If you choose to take advantage of our new hire screening and coaching programme, we guarantee a new employee will remain hired for at least 6 months, or we will find a replacement. No questions asked.

To find people with the right experiences and the right values, please call us for more information or to have a no obligation chat about your needs. 

Example: An organisation had established a new role within an existing team and wanted a superstar to take their department to the next level. They had developed a role description, core competencies, and a development programme for the new employee.

Unfortunately, this was the third recruitment round this organisation had been through. The first time they facilitated the hiring process (though could not put enough time into making it effective) and were unsuccessful in finding a suitable candidate. The second recruitment round was with an agency that made a well-written ad and sent candidates forward who aligned to the core competencies (and less-so the desired values).  Again, they were unsuccessful in finding a suitable candidate.

I met with the hiring manager and we discussed her style, the organisation’s culture, and the vision for the next 5 years. Because I was able to meet with the person who would be directly leading the new role-holder, I was in a better position to answer specific questions from candidates, explain the organisation’s future goals, and provide valuable background information.

The result: The organisation found a candidate that exemplified the company values, had the right mix of experience and education, and had a hunger for success and self-development. That person has now been internally promoted three times.