Transformative Recruitment

Transformative recruitment means we deliver a holistic and innovative approach to attract, select, onboard, and develop a person who will drive immediate and significant positive change within your team, and for your team.

We do so much more than just source a person for you to fill a role – we partner with you, your team, and your new hire, for 3-to-6-months during and following placement, to make sure the potential you expected, is delivered. We don’t just take your success seriously – we make it our personal mission, and we make it a reality!

To transform the human experience, we focus deeply on you as the leader (your purpose and leadership style), your team (the collective strengths and opportunities/weaknesses), the role (refreshing the purpose and deliverables), and the fit (how the new hire maximises leader and team strengths, and elevates opportunities/weaknesses).


Our Services:

Executive Search – finding senior leaders who will transform your organisation and make a smart start

Governance Recruitment – finding directors or trustees who bring that something extra

Restructures – working with you on what the future looks like, working with existing team members who may or may not to be involved in your future, and hiring your dream team

Everyday Vacancy-filling – we work with you on purpose and role outcomes, making sure we find the person who will take your team and impact to the next level


Our Approach:

Define your vision – We will take time to articulate and/or understand your organisation’s future direction, your team’s purpose in delivering to that future, and how the role contributes to ongoing success. These will be our ‘anchor points’ to develop everything else from.

Identify key Competencies – We will identify the competencies, skills, and qualities of your current team, so that we hire someone who will bring out the best in your current people.

Employer Brand Alignment – Who you are as an organisation is important to attract top talent – we will clarify what makes you unique and tell your story in a compelling way.

Creative Sourcing Strategies – We employ diverse sourcing channels, such as a range of online platforms, social media, industry events, and deliberate networking, to reach a wider pool of potential candidates.

Compelling Job Description – People now have a lot of options for new jobs. By crafting an engaging job description that highlights the transformative nature of the role and the impact candidates can make, will let us stand out and get a higher-calibre of people applying.

A Human-Centric Process – We have a tailored screening criteria to assess candidates’ alignment with your culture and goals, and their ability to drive change effectively. We create a space that brings out the best in people, so you can see them shine!

Behavioural Interviews – We conduct behavioural-based interviews that engage in candidates’ past experiences in leading or contributing to transformative initiatives, showcasing their adaptability and innovation. To further test this, we undergo lived experiences and use scenarios, developed with you, to see how candidates respond or react.

Assessment Exercises – We get curious and incorporate relevant assessment exercises, simulations, or case studies that assess candidates’ problem-solving abilities, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Cultural Fit – We assess candidates’ alignment to you, your organisation’s culture and values, and their potential to integrate and collaborate with existing teams during the onboarding and development process. Attitude is key, and we balance the who with the what of a person.

Diversity and Inclusion Focus – We prioritise diversity, equity, and inclusion as catalysts for transformative change, actively seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to give you the edge.

Onboarding and Development – With your active input, we will develop a robust onboarding process that introduces a new hire to the organisation’s vision, fosters their engagement with you and your team, and provides ongoing development opportunities.

Continuous Feedback – We establish a feedback loop with new hires to make sure they are supported in their new role, addressing any challenges they may encounter up front, and keeping communication frequent and transparent.

Measure Success – We implement metrics and key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the person’s impact, your broader employee satisfaction, and long-term outcomes, so you know the value you are getting and you can celebrate it!


If you want to do more than just find another person to fill a role, call us today and see the difference we can make!


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success! – Henry Ford

Example: An organisation had established a new role within an existing team and wanted a superstar to take their department to the next level. They had developed a role description, core competencies, and a development programme for the new employee.

Unfortunately, this was the third recruitment round this organisation had been through. The first time they facilitated the hiring process (though could not put enough time into making it effective) and were unsuccessful in finding a suitable candidate. The second recruitment round was with an agency that made a well-written ad and sent candidates forward who aligned to the core competencies (and less-so the desired values).  Again, they were unsuccessful in finding a suitable candidate.

I met with the hiring manager and we discussed her style, the organisation’s culture, and the vision for the next 5 years. Because I was able to meet with the person who would be directly leading the new role-holder, I was in a better position to answer specific questions from candidates, explain the organisation’s future goals, and provide valuable background information.

The result: The organisation found a candidate that exemplified the company values, had the right mix of experience and education, and had a hunger for success and self-development. That person has now been internally promoted three times.